Animation refers to any visual depiction that changes its shape and position. Animation became popular when Walt Disney began producing animated cartoons for children in early 20th century. With emergence of computers, software were developed and used for creating 2-Dimensional Animations for creating stunning graphics and imagery. 3D or 3-Dimensional animation is the latest fed. Stomping dinosaurs, weird alien worlds, and surreal distant-future apocalypse become possible, thanks to 2D and 3D Animation software.

Multimedia is the integration of text, graphics, audio, video,  and any other media for educational, entertainment, business, professional training, sports, medical, and military use. The number of sites which use multimedia content is growing exponentially.

2D animation has again got popularity with the rise of Web 2.0. Animated stories for children and adults, Advertisements, Intros, learning videos are being made with sophisticated 2D and 3D animation software. Multimedia and Animation are used in education, scientific research, entertainment, engineering and almost every modern day field.

We specialize in producing creative, vibrant, and captivating 2D animations for all your needs. Our animation services include: Animation Stories, Intros, 2D Animations, Video and text based Animations, Character Animations, Learning & Training and Video Editing. Take a quick look at our portfolio.

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