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Higher Education Management Suite

Higher Education Management Suite


The Higher Education Management Suite or HEMS, developed by ITS-COMSATS Software Development team for COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is a web based software to provide seamless automation of institute’s all major processes. Similarly, it automates all business activities of a university or similar large educational institution. The software has been successfully running at 7 campuses of CIIT. It has undergone several modifications to make it better adapted to the unique administrative, functional and cultural environment of the university. HEMS system provides pure web based ‘anytime-anywhere’ access for administrative, transnational and academic processes needed to enable a collaborative campus.

ITS’ HEMS has systematically automated all major processes of University including: admissions, registrations, exam, student information system, HRM, library, course portals, student fee & accounts, purchase & inventory and online feedback. One of the most difficult and tedious task of institute management is admissions. Our HEMS make this task easier and efficient. It lets you automate the entire process from start to finish and thus enable paper-free business while leveraging full benefits. COMSATS software development team can create HEMS for your institute with the following features:

User Management

HEMS user manager provides full security and authority options  for departments, academics, accounts and faculty users. Roles and Rights are customizable to fit needs of any university.

Student Fee Management System

Student Fee Management System is designed to serve all functions related to managing students accounting in a University. Student Fee Management System covers two main areas i.e., Semester Fee Management and Messing & Boarding Fee Management. The System generates computerized Callahan and manages installments, student aids, and scholarships etc.

Examination Portal

The Examination Portal facilitates the examination Department of the university. It lets Exams Department to perform day-to-day tasks such as; adding students quizzes, assignments, midterm, final marks in the system, updating students’ academic progress,  results, and generating various reports, etc. Portal is flexible to handle any examination related rules of a university.

Registrar Portal

The Registrar Portal enables the Assistant Registrar (Academic) to manage the records of the students. These include actions like collect personal files, add student record, maintain student database, handle departments, programs/discipline, adding faculty members, add courses, handle course scheme, offered courses against faculty members and course registration of the all students.

It allows officials to perform the functions of adding, editing, deleting and searching a student’s record, viewing the list of students. Portal also enables the AR Office to generate different kinds of reports. Portal is flexible to handle Academics related rules/regulations of a university.

Higher Management Portal

The activities of the University / Campus / department or institute must be fully visible to the management. HEMS enables the management to get timely information about all the academic activities of the university, campus, or department. This Portal creates several reports to view, review and analyze Universities performance and status of various departments, courses, and students etc.

Faculty Portal

Faculty Portal at HEMS provides Attendance, lectures entry, Quiz, Assignment sectional and Final Marks Entry, View Attendance, lectures entry, Quiz, Assignment, Midterm and Final Marks, Award list, and Login History etc. Instructors/Lecturers can share course material with students, as well.

Online Admission System

The HEMS Admission Application System is a web based application developed to receive applications through the web, so that candidates do not need to collect physical forms. Admissions portal covers full admission cycle from activation of admissions to back office verification and merit list processing and publishing. System is designed to handle peak time loads as well. Admissions Portal could be run stand alone or with full integration with HEMS Accounts Portal and Academics Portal.